About Us

Over 11 years of
exceeding expectations

Built on over 11 years of town planning, development and telecommunication experience, we strive to offer a different approach to providing development planning services, with an ethos based on ensuring that the service offered exceeds your expectations.

Professional, impartial advice is a matter of course. Responsiveness, value and a singular desire to succeed, regardless of the task at hand, sets our firm and service apart from others.

Urbansignal prides itself as being a highly professional consultancy house that differentiates itself from other market players and provides a range of services to a diverse client spectrum. Our specialized services include Town-planning, Telecommunication ‘turn-key solutions’, Property Development consultancy services, Urban Design, Environmental consultancy, Drafting and related services.

Carefully balanced integrated
approach to development

Our integrated approach to development is necessary, where social, environmental, cultural and economic dimensions are carefully balanced. There are various tools, processes and activities that can help us along the road to sustainability and a better life for all and many of them are covered by our areas of expertise. After all, we must uphold our reputation as reliable, cost effective and passionate town planning consultants.

As the company grew in stature its services expanded. We build a highly successful practice over the years based on sound business ethics, and a shared vision of service excellence through innovation, determination and dedicated hard work. Our wealth of experience in local government, private consultancy, corporate environment and property development and strengthens the company’s leadership and professional service delivery to our valued customers.


Our areas of

Our areas of expertise enable us to provide high quality service to our clients that may include all tiers of government, NGOs, the private sector or local communities. Our in-house expertise is expanded by including trusted service providers we can vouch for. A dedicated task manager from our core team provides secure client liaison and ensure that high quality work is delivered within time and budget.


Specialized services

Urbansignal prides itself as being a highly professional consultancy house that differentiates itself from other market players and provides a range of services to a diverse client spectrum. Our specialized services includes:

Our wide range of expertise makes Urbansignal a one-stop-shop for integrated company for existing and new development projects. Only in the largest and most complicated assignments may we enter consortiums with like-minded companies that share our Vision and work ethics.

Addition to our services

Innovation and expertise

  • Development of environmental strategies
  • Assisting clients to become and maintain environmental legislated compliance
  • Seeking second implementing cost effective and sound environmental technologies
  • We look to enhancing your development with environmental strategies that minimize delays
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Exploration and Mining Rights Applications and Closure
  • Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Site Environmental Control Officers

  • Legal Reviews and Registers
  • GAP Analysis
  • Environmental Auditing and Due Diligence Assessments
  • Permitting and Licenses
  • Environmental Risk Assessments
  • Environmental Management Plans
  • Sustainable Development Strategies
  • Specialist Studies
  • Surface Water, Ground Water and Waste Water
  • Integrated Waste Management Plans
  • Environmental Education and Awareness Programs

In addition to our services we proudly form part of a panel of renowned environmental specialists on whose expertise we may draw as and when needed. This panel does not only consist of the usual specialists one would expect but various scarce skills are also included. Herewith a brief overview of the disciplines represented:

Environmental Management, Urban Design, Environmental Engineering and Technology Management; Environmental Planning, Environmental Psychology, Environmental Economics, Environmental Law and Policy, Environmental Auditing, Vetting of Environmental Audits, Corporate governance and citizenship, Environmental Education, Biodiversity, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology, Life Cycle Assessment, Mining,

Zoology and Entomology, Ornithology, Botany, Noise and Air Quality, Water Quality and toxicity testing, Soil Sciences and Soil Rehabilitation, The interface between development and environment with specific focus on Socio-economic issues such as poverty alleviation, Food security, Township environments, Tourism Management, Cartography and GIS, Energy Efficiency, Architecture and sustainable design, Landscape Architecture, Sustainable Construction, Ecology and Plant Sciences, Waste Management, Environmental Sustainability, Geotechnical Geography, Disaster management, Natural Perils and Hazards such as Seismic Risk Assessment, Anthropology and Forensic Anthropology, Historical and Heritage Specialists, Exhumation, Climatology, Property Valuation, etc.

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