Our Capability

Comprehensive capability of delivering tangible results

We have built this firm and our well-deserved reputation on pragmatic focused advice that sets us apart from our competitors and gives you the very best guidance on your development project, from inception to finalisation.

We have successfully completed a wide variety of town and regional planning projects, including residential, industrial, commercial, business, Life Style Estates, Eco Estates, Golf Estates and “Development & Reconstruction and Development Programme” (RDP), Filling Stations, Hospitals, to name a few.

Our Capability

But it doesn't stop there

We engage with all role players in the development process, as a professional town and regional planning consulting firm.

These role players include municipalities, provincial-, national governments and the private sphere, and Developers as a professional town and regional planning consulting firm we engage with all role players to obtain town planning approvals and deliverables in order to facilitate property development.

With the depth years collective expertise, skills and resources embodied in the consultancy, we have the capabilities to successfully undertake (from inception to final delivery), the town-planning and project management aspects of any venture, from large sophisticated multi-disciplinary programmes to small community projects.

With the depth years collective expertise, skills and resources Urbansignal Pty Ltd thus provides comprehensive capability of delivering tangible results to clients, ranging from individuals to large corporations including private landowners, developers, all spheres of governments.

Town and regional planning consulting services is closely related to project management of property development and property portfolio managements.

Our service also extends to project management. successfully undertake (from inception to final delivery), the town-planning and project management aspects of any venture, from large sophisticated multi-disciplinary programmes to small community projects.

What we offer

Town planning

Township establishment;
Amendment of townships;
Removal of Restrictive title conditions;
Subdivisions / division of land;
Consent use applications;
Building line relaxations;
Site Development Plans;
Building plans;
Land Regularisations;
Demolition Orders;
Municipal Planning Tribunals;
Objectors / intervener applications;
Land audits and acquisitions;
Project management;
Advisory services;
Property portfolio management;
Development facilitators;
Best land use practices;
Feasibility Studies;
Negotiations and mediation;
Planning law;
Land development plans / site plans;
Strategic planning, Land Development Objectives, Integrated Development Planning, Spatial Development Frameworks;
Layout plans;
Master plans;
Land economics;
Transportation planning and land use integrations;
Tourism facilities such as holiday resorts and game reserves;
Structure Planning and plans
Planning research;
Surveys and analysis;
Streetscape and outdoor advertising;
Site development plans
What we offer

Urban design services

Although urban design is closely related to urban planning, the design process emphasizes the physical improvement of the public environment while planning tends to focus on the management of private development in terms of established planning methods and programs as well as other statutory development controls.

We remain committed to an integrated approach that considers all aspects of planning and urban design therefore forms part of our core functions. Urban design deals with the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities and the shaping and use of urban public space.

It should therefore not stand separate from urban planning and we endeavor to facilitate consultation and negotiation across a variety of spheres to appropriately inform the design, construction and management of public spaces. This also relates to the identification of environmental sensitivities and other important physical characteristics as well as implications for the provision of engineering services.

Planning and Design Team

Our Urban Planning and Design team provides the required professional services in this field. We strive to assist clients in mitigating their risk and developing their projects in a responsible and compliant manner to facilitate the creation of sustainable human settlement.

We therefore use specialists as part of this team such that our designs and the basis thereof may not only rely on sound planning principles but also acknowledge the importance of a good quality living environment.

Planning and Design Principles

The urban Planning and Design principles evolve from stakeholder engagement and extensive public involvement as well as a process of gathering baseline information and a complete spatial analysis such that the specific characteristics of each area can be sensibly incorporated in the design process.

Since each project and area is unique the team considers this process as key to the success of the eventual project.

Spatial Vision

This leads to a spatial vision for a particular area that must then be developed to become an Urban Design Rationale. The rationale forms the basis of a Master Plan that can then be prepared to eventually guide and inform all the decisions relating to the use, development and Urban planning of land parcels.

The Master Plan

The ultimate aim of the Master Plan and detail Planning to follow is to improve the way in which different activities are arranged, positioned and connected in the physical space and in so doing improving the sustainability, functionality and live ability of a particular place. This in turn may contribute to economic investment, social well-being and environmental sustainability.

During the planning and design of the Master Plan and detail Urban planning the various disciplines inform the decision-making process to such an extent that more detailed Precinct Plans for specific areas within the larger site assembly may then be developed as the subsequent stages of the urban design process and it is at this stage that urban design and urban planning eventually meet to facilitate the implementation of appropriate land development that aligns with the overall Master Plan.

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Urbansignal are required to maintain a level of professional development throughout their career thus ensuring they remain at the forefront of new developments, legislative changes and the latest knowledge in planning.

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